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Here are some random things about me!

Let's get the eating disorder stuff out of the way and then on to the rest of what makes me, ME! Shall we? I come from a family of lean, strong natural athletes. As naturally thin people, from young ages others often commented on mine and my brothers' weights and how thin we were. As I began to develop into a woman I started to fight the process, which ultimately developed into full blown anorexia. I entered treatment in the year after high school. I had to take a break for a year before going to college, as I was simply not healthy enough to go. But once I got into treatment and began to realize how sick I was and how serious my parents were about not supporting me going to college until I was healthy, I decided it was time to commit to recovery, and I did! Just weeks out of the hospital I was off to Oregon State University, where I graduated from. I will tell more of my story as I get into the blog, but that's the short version. I have continued to fight in the years since, but there have been a couple of major relapses. 

Okay, fun stuff!

I got engaged this past December to my love, my confidant and the greatest man I have ever known! A couple months later, in February, I moved to California, from Seattle, where we met, to be with him where he started an amazing new job that's great for his career! I am so proud of him! The move has been an adjustment, but it's the first chapter of the rest of our lives together! And without recovery I would have never found him! Getting healthy is important, friends!! I don't believe you can be in a stable, healthy, growing relationship while also in the grips of an eating disorder. You simply cannot be committed to both.

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I love to read books! My favorite genres are memoirs, suspense, fiction (some chick lit) and child development. I usually have a few in the mix. I like to have a fun read and an educational one. And I do my best to read my Bible daily although I'm not perfect at it. Which reminds me to add that I
love Jesus Christ and I am so thankful for my salvation through his sacrifice. Iwould be nothing without his love and grace!

I took this in front of the church where my brother is a pastor 
Being near the ocean makes me happy! I live and work right by the beach now and it's wonderful! I love the salty smell and the sound of the waves crashing against each other and the feeling of the sand beneath my feet. I feel so close to God when I walk on the beach. Everything about the ocean is amazing to me.

I have three brothers and one sister. I am the oldest and nothing makes me laugh more than being with all of my siblings! They are so much fun! I appreciate them even more now that all but one of us is grown up and out of the house. It's so rare that we are all together anymore, and I cherish the times we are. I love them so much. And if you check out my Instagram you can see my cute little niece. She just steals my heart.

Other than that, I really like fashion.... that's another thing that's on my Instagram a lot. I'm unlike a lot of other recovery accounts... I don't post much food. I paint my nails like every other day- almost always with Essie. I'm an Essie junkie! I also love clothes and shoes and shopping and I post a lot of outfits. Most of them are casual and boring, but on the weekends I spice it up with heels and cuter stuff. I'll probably post some fashion on the blog too, so you can expect some of that too. Okay, this is super long!

An ootd while traveling a few months ago 
 If you read this, wow, thank you! I hope you enjoyed and feel like you got to know me a little! 
Feel free to email anytime::
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