Coming to the blog...

Since the blog is new I thought I would create a page to tell potential readers what to expect here.
I would like to post around 5 times a week. Since I'm just starting out I'm not sure how that will go, so I guess we shall see!
  • I will definitely be posting my eating disorder "story," meaning how it developed and what anorexia looked like for me and how I made it to recovery and where I am now and what my goals are from here. It might be more than one post.
  • I will definitely post more about something I'm developing a passion for that may not be popular in this community.I still don't know exactly what to call it, but it's REAL recovery vs. what I see as a not fully committed recovery and what I've been guilty of for years. I know it won't be popular - if anyone ever reads my blog - but I think it's important to talk about and make light of because I think it's common and I think we can do better!
  • I also want to talk about trauma and PTSD here. I think there is definitely often a link between eating disorders and trauma. Unfortunately and sadly many of us know this all too well, including myself.
  • I want to talk about exercise, clean eating and the "healthy lifestyle" craze, my relationship with it and how it can help or hinder one's recovery. 
These are mainly what I envision for the near future on my blog. The main reasons I would love people to read my posts is because I love community and I love discussion!!! I think it's so healthy!

Here are some things I'm still not sure about:
  • For some reason I'm not big on posting my meals. I don't know why. I don't do it on my Instagram either. Maybe I'll work up to doing some WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) or something. Who knows. Or maybe it's just not my thing, and that's okay too!
  • Photos of when I was sick. First of all, I've thrown away/deleted most of them. I needed to because I would look at them and, I don't need to explain. I just did unhealthy things with them and I don't need them any longer. I do randomly come across some every once in awhile and sometimes I delete them or toss them and sometimes I don't. If I really think it's appropriate to use one, I will. I guess for me to use one I have to know in my heart that it's for the right reasons. Authenticity, right?
Have a question for me or something you'd like me to post about? Send me an email!
axtellef [at] gmail [dot]com

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